• Francesca Liparoti

Do you start out with the best intentions but lack consistency?

This was once my story too. I'd wake up every Monday determined to make healthy changes but make them stick THIS time around! but then Wednesday would roll around and slowly but surely I'd come unstuck.

What I soon learned was that the ability to stay consistent with healthy habits lay in changing your identity. I had to become someone different if I wanted to be the person who naturally and effortlessly adopted the healthy habits necessary for me to have the vibrant health and energy I wanted.

So, it all starts with your head!

You will need to become completely aligned with the health goals you have for yourself, and THEN you will start to act, live, behave, and think like the person who IS already where you want to be. THIS is exactly what I help my clients with. I don't just dish out the nutrition and lifestyle advice they need to follow but I also help them to become the person they need to be in order to have those habits effortlessly instilled as part of their identity.

To achieve something you’ve never achieved before you have to become someone you’ve never been before. Your current identity is likely what's keeping you stuck and holding you back from getting where you want to be.

Let’s say you want to get your hormones in balance to relieve those pesky hormonal symptoms, and you want more energy so you can actually start to DO all those things you want to do, and you want to get rid of your IBS symptoms once and never have to worry about bloating or urgent calls to the toilet again, and you want to sleep better. Well, if you’re not living and acting in alignment with those desires then you cannot expect to make them happen.

If you stay up late every night watching TV or scrolling through your phone, If you have a tonne of stress in your life that you don’t address and just let be, if you wolf your food down in seconds whilst tapping away on the computer, if you drink a bottle of wine 3 nights a week, if you’re sat behind a desk for most of the day and then commuting home to sit some more, if you see alcohol, junk and sugary foods as ‘reward’, if your health and wellbeing isn’t one of your TOP values...then you won’t be able to start seeing the results you want to see.

I’ve been there. For years I wanted to have more energy, ‘cure’ my IBS, PMS, low mood, psoriasis, low energy, and overweight. I thought I was ‘trying everything’; following all the diets, eliminating ‘problem’ foods, taking this supplement and that supplement, but I wasn’t changing who I was.

Alongside all the ‘things’ I was doing to help me feel better I was still the person who loved a drink from Thursday to Sunday, who loved eating out and over-indulging regularly, who hated the gym/working out, who didn’t like to walk unless I had to, who stayed up late watching TV, who got up in the mornings with 20 mins to spare before I had to catch my train to get to work, who sat in front of her desk during her lunch break and didn’t go outside all day, who saw alcohol, sweets, and junk as a reward and a treat to myself.

I didn’t value my health even though I believed I did.

I realised by my late 20s that something needed to change. Soon enough my values started to change, and the TOP one became my health and wellbeing. Not my weight, not nights out, not binge drinking, not over-indulgent meals - I started to devalue those things more and more.

And now here I am today a completely different person to who I was then. My identity has completely shifted for the better.

Now when people say “oh you’re so good” when I don’t have the donut being offered or the gym or yoga session I did that morning, I’m genuinely baffled because I’m not trying to be ‘good’, those things are simply part of my identity.

I’d love to know if this resonates with you and any questions it may have brought up for you so feel free to drop me a line and let me know. If you'd like my help I'm here for you. Apply for a free exploratory call here and let's chat things through :-)

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