• Francesca Liparoti

The Perimenopause Conversation - Part 1 of 4: Understanding Perimenopause

Most women after the age of 35 start to experience a gradual change in their hormones, in terms of how much they produce and how they fluctuate. Perimenopause is the bodies slow and gradual transition to menopause which is marked after 12 months with no periods. From your late 30s this slow and gradual transition is starting to begin.

These hormone changes during perimenopause can impact us all in different ways but there are many things we can do to support a healthy transition. Listen to part 1 of 4 conversations with Functional Medicine Practitioner Anna Marsh + me, Registered Nutritional Therapist Francesca Liparoti. In these conversations we discus what's happening to your hormones at perimenopause and how to support yourself.

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