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Do you feel confused and frustrated by a specific health condition? Maybe you know your hormones are not in balance and are causing you symptoms and getting in the way of you living a vibrantly healthy and happy life? Maybe you feel generally under par and low on energy? Are you looking for expert guidance and support? 

I work with my clients via face to face video call (Zoom), which is great because it means you can enjoy the support and guidance from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you happen to be, just as long as you have an internet connection and a quiet private space! I work with clients to educate and empower them towards a healthier happier lifestyle to help them transform their lives so they can live more and BE more, I do this using the following 4 key principles:


My approach is personalised and hands on. I take you under my wing and am committed to your success. My coaching and practical recommendations are tailored to you and YOUR unique set of circumstances. Long term success doesn’t come from simply following a ‘plan’ on auto pilot, but from receiving guidance, advice, education and empowerment. You will complete a detailed health & lifestyle questionnaire before our first session together, and this initial session will last around 90 minutes, so that I can get a really detailed picture of your life both past and present. From there I put together the most effective and personalised plan to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.



Information on it's own isn't enough to change behaviours, and that's why ongoing support and coaching is KEY. Before we get started we will decide the best level of support for YOU, this may be bi-weekly or monthly check ins, and the duration of the programme will also vary depending on the level of support you need. These check-in sessions are going to be really key as this is where we will tweak, refine, and progress things, it’s also where we will identify any blocks or challenges that may be keeping you stuck and holding you back from progressing. Being given the right strategy is one thing, but actually implementing it and keeping it moving is another thing entirely, and that is why these ongoing sessions are absolutely key. This is where the real shifts happen.


Now that you have your personalised strategy plus my ongoing coaching and support it’s also important to remain accountable throughout. I want my clients to feel fully supported and heard, and so each week I will ask you to update me via email with everything that is going on for you with regards to your actions and commitments within the programme. Whether things are going well or not so well I would like to know, so that I can support you every step of the way. As I said in the 2nd principal, Information on it's own isn't enough to change behaviours, and that's why accountability is so key.


I may ask you to complete some homework to support specific areas we are working on for example with regards to mindset and emotional wellbeing, as without doing the work the real magic cannot happen. After each follow up coaching call we will agree on the actions to be taken and completed before our next call. 

BUT! I am only for you IF you answer YES to the following points:


  • You are committed to FEELING amazing from the inside, health and longevity is your driver, and you appreciate that if there is body fat/weight to lose this will only happen as a natural side effect of getting really REALLY healthy with your body systems finding balance.

  • You are committed and open to making the changes necessary for you to live a vibrantly healthy and happy life.

  • You want to make positive changes for GOOD, not just for a certain period of time or event.

  • You want expert nutrition, supplement (where necessary) and lifestyle advice personalised to YOU, accountability, support, and coaching to help you permanently change your identity into someone who effortlessly has the health and wellness they want.

  • You’re not simply looking for a plan to follow on autopilot, you truly want to embody a healthy identity and align your habits, thoughts, and behaviours with that.

  • You are prepared to prioritise our work together; you are committed to investing the time, effort and resources to make the changes recommended.


If it wasn't a whole hearted ‘YES’ for all of the above then I encourage you to come back to me when you are mentally ready to do this work, now isn’t the right time if you said ‘no’ to any of the above. But, if you did answer ‘yes’ to all the above then I’m excited to speak with you and get your health transformation journey fully under way :)