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©2019 Francesca Liparoti

"I have changed my mindset completely, my sleep is fantastic, I have loads more energy, I'm eating fantastic, and I'm loving life. And if I carry on like I am my clothes will be too this time next year. Thank you again Francesca!"

Nina W

"I really didn’t know this high quality, bespoke lifestyle/nutrition coach existed. Francesca offers such a comprehensive service, and it is clear that your success is her main focus and passion."

Caroline L

"I feel like I’m your only client. You remember details and have so much empathy and passion in what you do. Your positivity and kindness shines through." Chantal P

Chantal P

"Your programme is like no other. Yes you can get results on short programmes driven by intense workouts and low calorie consumption but I know no other programme where the focus is on educating individuals in mind, body, and soul to embark on the road to optimal health and weight…for life."

Jackie F

"Before working with Francesca I had horrible habits having tried nearly every diet under the sun but I could never stick to anything. Francesca explains what food does to your body in a way that makes you think about the choices you are making. It’s a complete lifestyle change and she supports you the whole way through. After a couple of months I have noticed my PCOS symptoms significantly reduce and people comment on my weight loss. What’s most important to me is that I feel so much better. No more feeling sluggish and not knowing when to stop eating."

Collette R

"Working with Francesca has been life changing for me. After struggling for years not being able to lose any weight, despite eating healthy and exercising, I decided to work with Francesca. Since working with her I’m happier, healthier, and I have loads more energy. Despite eating MORE food each day than I ever have I’ve lost 6kg of fat mass in 4 months and couldn’t be happier. This has been a complete lifestyle change for me and one that I intend to keep up forever. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands to make the changes suggested and it’s made the world of difference."

Hannah H

"I have made such positive steps towards putting myself first, listening to my body and moving towards a much happier and healthier me. I would highly recommend working with Francesca, she has been an absolute star and I am very grateful to have found her."

Emma H

"Francesca you really inspire me in so many positives way, and I don’t want these calls to end. Anyone who is thinking about joining the next round of the programme, it will be the best 12 weeks of your life. As well as learning so much about the nutrition side, I have learnt so much about myself too."

Sharon P

"I just wanted to tell you how great a nutritionist and wellbeing survival coach you are. I will always remember the value of what I’ve learnt from you (you’ve been my secret weapon in this journey). Keep on doing what you doing lady boss - it’s not fast but it’s permanent."

Jackie P

"I am coming to the end of the programme with Francesca and I can’t say enough about how Francesca has changed my attitude towards food and to myself. The nutritional information makes sense, is easy to follow and importantly she has taught me to take care of myself emotionally and physically. I know that I will never go back to fad diets because I am now armed with the correct information to continue making positive choices. Francesca, you are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough."

Alex P

"I have absolutely loved TFP and the support I have received from Francesca and the other women in the group. I had found myself in quite a dark place, unhappy in my own skin and not sure what advice was correct when it came to my health. I felt so daunted by the conflicting information online and the fad diets that I kept repeating, only to gain the weight again. I felt like I needed a mind, body and soul reset and I really feel that is exactly what I got!"

Himala W

"Francesca is incredibly knowledgeable and her advice has sound scientific basis. There were no fads to follow, no products to purchase, just clear advice and non-judgemental guidance. All of the women on the course moved through the course material at their own pace, we were supported and encouraged as we followed our own journeys."

Judith E

"I came to see you 4 year ago about a pedunculated fibroid that I had been diagnosed with. You were very helpful and you provided great advice which I still follow to this day. In the last couple of years I noticed that I do not have any of the fibroid symptoms I experienced when I first saw you. And recently got an ultrasound scan. It has revealed that the fibroid had shrunk, which is fantastic! I just want to thank you again for the help you gave me. I am most grateful."

Karen M