Rebalance + Thrive 1-2-1 Coaching with Francesca

"A refreshing, down-to-earth & realistic approach"

I will teach you how to rebalance your body so you can THRIVE, whether that's through balancing your hormones, optimising gut health, addressing low energy, fatigue, sleep issues, headaches, weight issues, and more. Together we will look at your nutrition and lifestyle habits; including exercise, sleep and stress – and help you to make the changes necessary for you to transform your health and find balance, once, and for all. 

We will work together online via Zoom video call and all you’ll need for our sessions is a good internet connection and a quiet private space.


Working with me is right for you if..

  • You want more energy than you’ve had for years

  • You want a clear understanding of what your body needs to thrive and how to implement those things everyday, happily and effortlessly

  • You want better hormonal balance and to address any hormonal related symptoms or conditions

  • You want a healthy gut 

  • You want glowing skin, strong nails and luscious hair

  • You want deep, restful & uninterrupted sleep

  • You want a better and more balanced mood 

  • You want a balanced appetite free of cravings 

  • You want a clear and focused mind

  • You want clarity! You might feel like you hear and read so much conflicting information that you just don’t what to believe and so you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by it all. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked properly for you. Working with me is a sure fire way to change all this and find a long term way forward

  • You are 100% ready for and committed to real and lasting change. You’re not looking for any quick fixes or magic pills, and you’re willing to do the work it will take to move you closer to your goals and have you living a vibrantly healthy and happy life.

  • You want to work with a fully qualified nutrition professional with expert knowledge who can provide you with fully personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement (where necessary) advice, with on-going support to ensure you make the necessary changes and fully implement them as part of a new lifestyle that you’re more than ready to adopt.

If you cannot answer a YES to those last 2 points then working with me is likely not right for you OR perhaps now simply isn’t the right time for you to embark on this journey.







This option includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history and current diet & lifestyle habits, with regards to your specific health and wellbeing challenges and your goal.

  • A 60 minute video consultation (via Zoom) to dive deeper and come up with a clear and personalised plan of action for to go away with.

  • Email summary of what we discussed during the session, your personalised plan, and supportive resources and handouts.




  • 4 weeks unlimited email support following the session - £50 (total investment £200)

  • Email support plus 45 minute follow up session 4 weeks after initial session - £125 (total investment £275)




If you know you would benefit more from a much deeper dive and longer term support, guidance and accountability then a longer term coaching package is ideal for you. Choose from bi-weekly support over 6 weeks, 12 weeks, or 24 weeks.


A package provides a much higher level of support and the best value over the longterm, because, included in the set investment figure is bi-weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions, unlimited access to me via the chat function in the app, my time spent researching on your behalf, written notes, recommendations and resources, and interpretation of any lab test results if applicable. The 12 week option is the most popular although a lot of women invest in 6 months knowing they need the longer term support. By choosing a longer term package you are fully committed to your transformational journey and you will feel fully supported to reach your desired outcomes for lifelong change. Feel free to book in for a free chat with me here if you'd like to talk it all through with me before deciding, or click the button below to choose and purchase your package! 






Coaching with me is a fully personalized and transformative experience. Together we will work to upgrade your physical and mental wellbeing and you will receive support across 4 core areas:


The most effective way to create lasting change is having recommendations personally tailored to YOU and your unique set of circumstances. Our initial session will last usually around 90 minutes (allow up to 2 hours) so that I can get as much detail and insight from you as possible about your life, your health and wellbeing history and what you’d like to achieve, so that I can provide you with the most effective plan to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals once and for all.


Together we will decide what level of on-going support you need, which may be bi-weekly or monthly Zoom sessions lasting up to 60 minutes. This is where we will tweak, refine and progress your programme on an on-going basis. In these sessions we can identify any blocks or challenges that may be keeping you stuck and holding you back from success with the programme. I will be your cheerleader throughout the process supporting you every step of the way, I am here for you 100% and I like to ensure all my clients are fully aware of that. 


Each week I will ask you to submit a check in form so I can keep track of how things are going for you in between sessions. This is so you are kept accountable throughout and to make me aware of anything you may need extra support with that particular week, whether physically, mentally and emotionally. 


At the end of each coaching session we will agree on your intentions and actions until our next call. I will ensure you are following through on these commitments via the above mentioned detailed weekly update I will ask you to provide me with. 


“I really didn’t know this high quality, bespoke lifestyle/nutrition coach existed. Francesca offers such a comprehensive service, and it is clear that your success is her main focus and passion” 

- Caroline